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Exponential Efficiency with SafeSend

The SafeSend Suite enhances the Intuit Accountants* firm and client experience through:

  • A best-in-class client interface, with an intuitive, guided process that does not require a username or password for access.
  • A consistent staff process across all return types and a consistent client experience through the entire tax engagement (one ecosystem).
  • Addressing the most frustrating pain points for staff throughout the tax engagement:
    1. Gathering information to start preparation of the return.
    2. Removing client password reset requests (no passwords needed!).
    3. Tracking client progress through review and e-signing.


The SafeSend Suite makes the tax engagement easy for your firm AND your clients. Schedule a demo today by filling out the form. Prefer to talk to us directly? Give us a call at 800-716-2558

*May not be available with select tax software. 

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